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What Really Are The Facts?

Thinking Of Becoming A Private Label ISP?

Interesting Things To Consider
Fact vs. Fiction

All private label ISPs and their  providers are the same and offer the same programs, so the only thing I need to compare is cost. Fact or fiction?

Absolutely nothing is further from the facts. There are many black and white, night and day differences between one private label ISP program/provider and another! As Consumer Research reports (http://bestvisp.org), there are three classes of private label ISP providers: "Affinity Class," "Vanity Class" and "Carrier Class." The differences in the classes are substantial and you need to know which class is the best match for your objectives. If you are not armed with this knowledge, chances are you will not be successful. If you are going to invest time, money and resources into this opportunity, you might as well do it right the first time as if you are like most people, you probably do not have time, money and resources to squander. Be sure to compare "value" to "cost." Often times, for a little more money, you can get a lot more value! For a humorous comparison, click here.

We highly recommend that you read the report by Consumer Research (http://bestvisp.org) to understand the differences in providers. Although they initially charged $50 for the report, at least for the time being they are giving it away free.

In addition, one of the lessons in the FREE eCourse offered by VISP University covers the many differences in private label ISP providers. You can enroll free at http://VISPUniversity.com.

By definition of Consumer Research, the Alliance ISP Solution success system is a "Carrier Class" program/software by a "Carrier Class" provider. Our program was initially designed for a nationwide rollout for our very first client, Cellular One.

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