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What Really Are The Facts?

Thinking Of Becoming A Private Label ISP?

Interesting Things To Consider
Fact vs. Fiction

No private label ISP provider offers an affordable, first-class program/ software that allows me to compete with the many features offered by AOL, MSN, Earthlink, etc. Fact or fiction?

Again, this is not true... it is only a myth. Alliance Solutions have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a first class solution that allows private label ISPs to compete head to head with AOL, MSN, Earthlink and other large ISPs. In fact, there are only a couple other "Carrier Class" programs available and they cost many times that of the Alliance ISP Solution. The Alliance ISP Solution success system is the perfect solution for the discriminating private label ISP.

But does it really offer everything that AOL, MSN, Earthlink, etc. offer? Well more or less, as there are some major differences. It does offer those things subscribers enjoy about the major ISPs and a few thing even they don't offer:

  • A dynamic start-page that the subscriber can personalize and select only the content they desire. They can localize to their community by entering their zip code. With this start-page there is no need for them to go to Yahoo, MSN or AOL for a start-page. Everything they need is available at your private label ISP.

  • A sign-up page that automatically (or "AutoMagically") configures their computer. It configures their dial-up networking, sets up Outlook Express to process their email, sets the private label ISP start-page as their home page and brand the browser with the private label ISP's name.

  • Over 35,000 unique dial-up locations nationwide. This means in terms of dial-up locations, your private label ISP has more dial-up locations than AOL, MSN and Earthlink put together. That is correct, your private label ISP network is bigger than AOL, MSN and Earthlink put together.

  • Premium toll free, 24/7 sales, billing and technical support branded in the private label ISP's name.

Yet, there are certain things that AOL, MSN, Earthink, etc. offer (require) that the Alliance ISP Solution success system does not. These are the things that subscribers do not enjoy and cause them to switch to other ISPs, maybe your private label ISP:

  • It does not require the installation of megabits of software to use internet service as does theirs. This is a pet peeve of their subscribers as their software often conflicts with other software on their computer and causes their computer to freeze or crash frequently. With the Alliance ISP Solution success system the subscribers of your private label ISP need no additional software due our unique sign-up software and sign-up page.

  • The Alliance ISP Solution Portal Pro and the start-page come with no advertising and we highly recommend that the private label ISP place no third-party advertising on the start-page. This is another major pet peeve subscribers have with their service. They hate wading through third-party ads so they can do what went on the net to do.

  • There are many other negative things that the Alliance ISP Solution success system and your private label ISP will not impose on your subscribers.

The industry and our private label ISP clients rave about Alliance ISP Solution success system. See what they say.

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