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Optional Multi-Tier Affiliate Program Software

Optional Multi-Tier Affiliate Program Software!

The Alliance Success System would not be complete without our optional Multi-Tier Affiliate Program plug-in module. This marketing software allows you to turn your member/subscriber base into a sales force and offer one important thing your competitors may not - a financial income opportunity for your members/subscribers!

Each member/subscriber has a circle of friends and family with which they have influence and credibility. If they recommend to any of these individuals that they sign up for your services and your financial opportunity, they will. And each of them have a circle of people and soon your member/subscriber base stretches clear across America.

Check out the many features of this plug-in module to our famous Success System":

  • Create your own commission plan. Use a simple plan or a forced matrix from 1-99 tiers. You determine what percentage is paid on each tier.
  • Create your own business rules such as minimum commissions paid, how long to bank commissions if under minimum and how to flush commissions at end of banking period - pay regardless of balance or forfeit. It is always your choice.
  • Each member/subscriber has their own affiliate marketing website that is automatically created when they accept your affiliate marketing agreement. They will receive credit for each new member/subscriber that signs up through this website.
  • Each member/subscriber can add their contact information and a personal message to their own affiliate marketing website.
  • The affiliate marketing website is designed and controlled by you in the same way you design and control your portal. You can easily modify any of the affiliate marketing website pages using your browser and mouse.
  • Create various marketing and sales tools that each member can download and use to drive traffic to their marketing website.
  • Automatically tracks genealogy of all new members/subscribers in real-time for commission purposes.
  • Each member/subscriber can view the members/subscribers under them in real-time with a simple click of the mouse.
  • You and each member/subscriber can view commission history with a simple click of the mouse.
  • At the end of every month, you can run commissions and print checks with a few simple clicks of the mouse.
  • Nothing can be easier! You can focus on securing new members/subscribers and motivating those you have to secure more while everything else is done for you automatically.
  • Plus much, much more...

You drive your marketing strategy.
We'll do the rest.

While others offer you parts and pieces, we give you a complete branded turnkey success system!

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