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Dynamic Success System Portal Features

Features of Our Carrier-Class, Membership-Based, Dynamic Success System Portal!

The Alliance Success System is a completely branded, turnkey, membership-based dynamic portal system. Its feature-rich design, allows you to compete with the most successful membership based portals. Check out the many features:
  • Completely branded in your name and your graphics with tons of themed portal/start page dynamic content - news, sports, financial, weather, entertainment, lifestyles, games, e-cards, comics, golf, wine, religion,
    gambling, educational, guides, horoscopes, industry, lottery, kids, etc. - to
    help reduce churn and keep your members from switching to other
    portals, start pages - just as useful as AOL, MSN or Yahoo.
  • Portal sign-in allows members to customize and personal portal start-page with "Get Local" feature that allows everyone to have "local" news, weather, sports, yellow pages, etc.,  regardless of where they live in America - a start page better than the "big boys" because of no advertising.
  • Create "Member Only" pages that can only be seen by members that have signed into the portal. Add value to your membership by using these pages to include free ebooks, software and other products available only to your members.
  • To help you get started, each membership includes up to five email accounts with member choice of webmail, IMAP and POP3 (i.e. Outlook), the best anti-spam software in the industry and a free personal website with online, template-based Web Creator software that makes it easy for each member to create their own personal website. You can easily add additional features and benefits to increase the value of each membership.
  • Members can sign up online or call your own branded toll-free number 24/7 to enroll and become a member.
  • Merchant Account and Gateway for credit card acceptance - immediate
    approval so that member can begin enjoying member benefits in seconds - your member does not have to wait for someone to manually create their account.
  • Automatic billing and provisioning - automatically collects monthly payment
    for services, provisions the account for immediate use and suspends the
    account if credit card is not approved - requires no staff and allows you to focus on marketing for new members.
  • Reporting Services allow our portal owners to create any report desired, whenever desired - complete details about all members - allows you to easily manage all aspects of your business.
  • Marketing Software designed to recruit marketing partners and manage
    administration of their marketing efforts - makes the membership portal shine in the eyes of your marketing partners - another Alliance Solutions exclusive.
  • Specialized Software for fundraisers with instant fundraising web pages -
    allows the portal owner to set up an instant  webpage for a charity,
    church or school so they can use your membership or other products as a fundraiser.
  • Free Instant Messaging Software that communicates with those using service by other popular services - your instant messaging software will let your members easily communicate with those using instant messaging services by AOL, MSN, ICQ, IRC and Yahoo!
  • As an option, you can offer your members Digital Voice (VoIP) telephone
    and compete with the likes of Vonage, SunRocket, Packet 8, Time Warner, Comcast, Cox and others. This service is in very high demand (see VoIP Reprints) and can add tens of thousand of dollars to your bottom line each month.
  • As an option, you can offer your members ISP services (Internet access and hosting) and compete with the likes of AOL, MSN, EarthLink and others.
    Almost everybody uses access millions of websites must be hosted someplace. Offering ISP services can add thousand of dollars to your bottom line each month.
  • Optional Multi-Tier Affiliate Program (MTAP) software, that allow you to offer your members a financial opportunity as part of their membership. our MTAP software does all of the work so you don't have to. It gives each member affiliate their own replicated marketing website and credits them for any new members secured through this site. They also have access to many marketing tools to drive traffic to their marketing website. Each member can view those under them in real-time and view commission histories. The portal owner can set-up custom commission programs, have complete control over affiliate marketing websites, view commission history of each affiliate, view genealogy in real-time and the software even calculates commissions and writes checks!
  • The portal Communications Center can easily send out mass mailings to members - newsletters, announcements, motivational messages and general communication. Email can be in either plain text or HTML.
  • Branded toll-free, 24/7 premium sales, billing and technical support call
    center - your support center is always open and can be reached by either
    a toll-free number or by email.
  • Live Chat - multiple chat rooms
  • Creative marketing consultation and marketing resource website to assist the marketing efforts of our virtual ISP or VISP partners.
  • Free Software Upgrades for life - we do not charge you when we upgrade
    the portal software, billing software or other program software.
  • Absolutely No Hidden Charges - we do not charge for long distance to our
    call center, for hosting your portal, member account set-up (except for VoIP device), program software upgrades, for IM usage or any of the other hidden charges that often surprise portal owners.
  • All inclusive, flat-rate, per user pricing - no hidden costs or ugly surprises!
  • Plus much, much more...

You drive your marketing strategy.
We'll do the rest.

While others offer you parts and pieces, we give you a complete branded turnkey success system!

Learn More About the Success System Portal


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