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Become A Premium Nationwide
Telephone Company As A
Private Label VoIP Reseller

Alliance Solutions' private label VoIP Success System makes it easy for companies, organizations, affinities, fundraisers and individuals to provide residential telephone service to well over 100,000 communities across America under their own brand and create a significant revenue stream in the telecommunications industry.

Alliance Solutions' private label Voice over IP or Digital Voice program is a completely branded turnkey business ready VoIP Success System, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. Leave the technology management to us! All you need to do is concentrate on marketing and building your VoIP business.

The Alliance VoIP Solution Voice over IP Success System lets you become a premier nationwide telecommunications company with very little investment, and at revenue margins of 25% to 35%. Our private label Digital Voice VoIP program is considered a “carrier-class” solution and includes many components not found elsewhere at any price that will help you boost your VoIP’s marketability.

Alliance Solutions provides you with the most complete, private labeled turnkey VoIP Success System available that prepares you to compete with the “big boys” like Comcast, Time Warner, Vonage, Packet 8, AT&T and Verizon.

Leverage Our Assets, Realize Your Vision.

We offer a superior Digital Voice service through a "carrier-class" Voice over IP network with special features your competition does not offer, as well as premium 24/7 support call center, and reliable marketing support software that makes it easy to get started. Grow a high quality subscriber base fast! Best of all, you own your subscribers. So, not only will you enjoy the monthly cash flow of a subscriber based business, you also have an opportunity to enjoy a second windfall should you ever decide to sell your business. Alliance Solutions gives you the perfect strategy for capitalizing on our assets to build your business.

Alliance VoIP Solution includes everything you need to become a premier, "carrier-class" nationwide VoIP!

You drive your marketing strategy.
We'll do the rest.

While others offer you parts and pieces, we give our Branded Partners a complete branded turnkey success system!


Learn More About Becoming A VoIP Reseller

If you would like more information about our Alliance VoIP Solution, Private Label VoIP or Branded VoIP program , simply click on  "INFORMATION"  to request it. Our "Auto-Reply" feature will have the information back to you within seconds. You'll be glad you did!

Alliance Solutions, 238 Porterfield Gap Road, Seymour, TN 37865 Tel. (865) 862-8788

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