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Branded VoIP Reseller - Reprinted Articles about VoIP Retail Demand

Listed below are links to reprints of articles that anyone serious about the Voice over IP or VoIP business should read very thoroughly.

  1. Fortune Magazine 07/26/04 - Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell believes that VoIP will irreversibly alter the world of communications. VoIP, he has said, represents the "most significant paradigm shift in the entire history of modern communications since the invention of the telephone." Read more...

  2. TMCnet 03/03/05 - Forget Tupperware parties baby, the future is VoIP parties. The VoIP solution allows Internet users to enhance the functionality of their high speed connection with a telephone service that is affordable, as easy to use as a regular telephone, and bundled with many advanced features (e.g., voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, call waiting caller ID, call forwarding, hold, line-alternate, 3-way conferencing, web access to account controls, etc.) not included with traditional circuit-switched telephone services. Read more...

  3. InformationWeek 05/16/06 - VoIP Eats Into Traditional Voice Service Revenue. A new report says that because of VoIP, traditional voice service will soon not be the primary revenue generator for traditional telecom operators in developed nations. Read more...

  4. TMCnet 05/24/06 - TeleGeography Report Shows that VoIP is Here to Stay. According to the most recent quarterly update to the company’s U.S. VoIP Report, the total number of subscribers to VoIP services grew from 1.3 million to 4.5 million - an increase of 248 percent - from the fourth quarter of 2004 to the end of 2005. Read more...

  5. Tekrati 06/13/06 - The market for consumer VoIP services is still in its infancy, but IDC's future outlook points to exponential growth within the next four years. IDC predicts that residential U.S. VoIP subscribers will grow from 10.3 million in 2006 to 44 million in 2010. Read more...

  6. TMCnet 12/11/06 - VoIP is well on its way to becoming a standard household feature, replacing or enhancing traditional phone service, although the initial surge in excitement about the technology may be waning slightly. Read more...


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